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Tim Carter
Ball State University
Dept of Biology

Dept of Biology

Timothy C. Carter, Ph.D.                
Assistant Professor
Wildlife Biology and Mammalogy

Curator for the
Ball State University
Mammalogy Collection


Educational Background

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Ph.D. 2003

Dissertation:  Summer habitat use of roost trees by the endangered Indiana bat (Myotis sodalis) in the Shawnee National Forest of southern Illinois. 82 pp.  

University of Georgia, M.S. 1998

Thesis:  The foraging ecology of three species of bats at the Savannah River Site, South Carolina. 74 pp. 

 University of Georgia, B.S. 1996

General Research & Interest Areas

  • Wildlife Biology and Management. 
  • Non-game and endangered species
  • Bat ecology  

My research program has focused on non-game and endangered species. Much of my interests lie in how land management affects non-game and endangered species. I have done extensive work on the federally endangered Indiana bat (Myotis sodalis) identifying and delineating critical summer habitat.  As well as examining winter hibernation habitat.

I also work with small mammal communities. Again much of this work has focused on how changes in land-use affect these animals. Additionally, I am involved in a reintroduction project for the Illinois state-endangered eastern woodrat (Neotoma floridana)

Graduate and undergraduate students working with me have studied various aspects of bat ecology and small mammals. Persons interested in graduate research involving questions in wildlife biology may contact me. They should also view my document for Prospective Students.


Courses Currently Teaching 


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Recent Publications - Click Titles for PDF

Bergeson, S.M., T.C. Carter, and M.D. Whitby. 2015. Adaptive Roosting Gives Little Brown Bats an Advantage over Endangered Indiana Bats. American Midland Naturalist, 174:321-330.

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